Looking to Cut Expenses? Increase Employee Engagement? Eliminate Risk, Liability and Compliance issues?

Our Mail Management solutions handle all your Expat Mail- from on boarding the Expat to setting up his account, to handling all his mail and packages for him. And in that process, we will help cut your budget by 30-50%. Want to know more?

Solutions range from a short term 60 Day-Mail-Close-Out Plan to a full suite of plans for your C-level executives. You can choose from a range of plans to fit what works best for your requirements. Request a demo or email us to recieve a custom plan based on your prorities.

How Expat Mail/Package Forwarding and Concierge Services Work

  1. We provides the expat/assignee a physical address (not a P.O. Box) in the US where his mail and packages will be received. Relieves company mailroom of all expat mail-handling hassles.

  2. As the expat's mail comes in, it gets uploaded to his private Virtual Mailbox, accessible 24/7

  3. The expat logs-on to his Virtual Mailbox and sees details of all his items- with images and dimensions of packages. Options for automatic forwarding and mailing schedules provide flexibility and hands-on or hands-off approach, as desired.

  4. The expat can control and manage all aspects of his mail- forward it; get letters scanned, discard junk mail, bundle packages for savings; select shipping methods and transit times and track packages to his door- all with the click of the mouse.

Why companies like Netflix, Regeneron, Anadarko, Shell, Chubb, Rockwell Collins, EY and many more, use our service

Eliminate Liability (no more HIPAA issues)

If you handle expat mail in house, you are exposing the company to a real risk of co-mingling of company and personal mail. This has led many a clients to be in violation of HIPAA regulations. It also increases the risk exposure by having company mail get stuck in customs because of an item in an expat's mail included in the same package.

Cut costs (and HR time spent on mail activities)

We save you the costly monthly expense and opportunity cost associated with involving your/company staff in handling Expat mail, a no core activity. International shipping formalities are only becoming more stringent, so knowing what can or cannot be shipped to every country is getting more difficult. If you check every piece of mail is that is shipped, you can eliminate those costs, time and effort by outsourcing the function.

Competitive Edge (and increase expat satisfaction)

You can be an innovator and enhance expat satisfaction by providing an excellent solution for a thorny issue for most expats. You can offer your expats real time access to their mail (think taxes, IRS notices, homestead paperwork, subscriptions etc). For your overseas employees, their mail represents an important connection to home! Proper handling of Expat mail will make the employee’s settling-in experience seamless. A family's transition is much smoother if they can get their kids favorite cookies and cereal and the spouse's favorite journals easily via mail from back home.

We Are The Experts (you can trust us!)

Our company has specialized in international mail for more than 15 years. We provide an error and hassle-free mail management service for your department and your employees. The process saves you money and provides a timely service to the Expat. Which is why companies like Exterran, Symantec, Shell Outpost, Regeneron, Anadarko, Netflix, Sony, Disney and many, many more chose to work with us.